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No doubt Barcode has become an integral part of fulfiment services. It provides a quick and efficient way to track products with their accurate details.

Barcodes are an essential component of many 3PL warehouse operations, as they help to automate and streamline various warehouse processes. Here are some ways barcodes are used in a 3PL warehouse:

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Inventory tracking:

Barcodes are used to identify and track individual items within the warehouse. The barcode can be scanned when an item is received, stored, or shipped, updating the inventory management system with its current location and status.

Order fulfillment:

When an order is received, the picker uses a barcode scanner to locate the items in the warehouse, ensuring that the correct items are picked and packed for shipment.


A barcode on the shipment label can be scanned by the carrier to confirm that the correct package is being shipped to the correct address.

Order fulfillment (pick and pack)

Freight and transportation management

Reverse logistics (returns and recalls)

Barcode Services MSL Uk Ltd
Man on tablet for warehouse, storage or package management - advanced WMS System at MSL UK LTD

Inventory accuracy: Regular physical inventory counts can be performed using barcode scanning to ensure that the inventory management system accurately reflects the physical inventory on hand.
By using barcodes in these ways, 3PL warehouses can improve accuracy, efficiency, and productivity, helping to ensure that customer orders are fulfilled quickly and accurately.