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Do you have any questions regarding storage facility?

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General FAQ's

Environmental controls in place to protect our product?

Yes we are using third party company for environmental controls. Pestech Environment

Security details including alarm information/CCTV/ Any security fencing/ further security features?

  • Building 2 – Signalling on the intruder alarm System – Redcare Essential Extra – Connected with Level 1 Police Response
  • Building 3- Signalling on the intruder alarm system – Webway Dual 3G – Connected with Level 1 Police Response
  • Both building have CCTV Cameras Inside & Outside the building

Storage capacity

  • Building 2 – 60,941 sq ft
  • Building 3- 149,719 sq ft

How quickly can something be pulled from there and available for picking?

  • Ideally, we need a notice of 24 hours. However, we can accommodate when there is an urgent request.

SAP visibility of this location needs to be set up?

  • There is no SAP visibility. However, we are using WMS to control the stock and ledgers.

Who will have access to the storage unit/will It just be yourself with a set of keys?

  • Only MSL UK LTD has the keys to enter the building.