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Automation Integration

MSL has proudly integrated the robot into warehousing

MSL has proudly integrated advanced robotics into our warehousing operations to ensure pick and packing processes are 100% error-free and highly efficient. This technological leap allows us to streamline logistics management, significantly enhancing accuracy and efficiency.

Robotics in Action:

Our robots are designed to handle various warehousing tasks, including goods-to-person picking, material handling, and parcel sorting. By autonomously moving shelves to human operators, transporting pallets without the need for operators, and sorting parcels to the correct gates, these robots minimise errors and optimise workflow.

Enhanced Efficiency:

With the introduction of robotics, MSL has seen a 22% increase in throughput and a 16% improvement in floor space utilisation. These advancements are achieved by better shelving optimisation and the ability to scale operations flexibly. Our robots can coordinate directly among themselves, reducing downtime, congestion, and backlogs.

Future-Ready Warehousing:

Our integration leverages the combined power of cloud and edge computing, ensuring the lowest infrastructure and setup requirements for automation. This not only reduces costs but also enables rapid deployment and easy upgrades as needed.

Acknowledgement: Thank you to our partners for their support, enabling us to achieve this significant milestone in our journey towards warehouse automation.